NEBS Conference 2011

The Impact of Cloud Architecture on the Network


NEBS 2011 Agenda:

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Verizon Communications will host its 17th annual NEBS Conference in Orlando, Florida on October 25-26, 2011. Co-Sponsored by UL, a Verizon-certified independent testing laboratory, and held at the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort, NEBS 2011 presents a unique opportunity for you to learn how service providers are transforming their networks to use Cloud-based technologies to create new services that drive revenue creation and cut cost.


Join us at NEBS 2011 and discover how Cloud services are ushering in a new wave of change in the communications industry. AT&T and Verizon will present their respective views on the impact of Cloud architecture on their networks. Included in the two-day event will be discussions about the emergence of LTE access technologies and the evolution of in-home networks, highlighting some of the advancements in the connected home space. Our continuing discussions of energy efficiency and network sustainability remain priorities, as do product pricing, performance and reliability. Additionally, recent changes to Verizon’s Energy Efficiency and Lead-free Solder testing programs will be reviewed to provide hardware manufacturers and independent testing laboratories the guidance necessary to speed up product introduction and qualification testing.


Equipment suppliers, laboratory partners and product integrators will each find value in attending this unique two-day conference and networking event.